Commercial Loan Servicing

In the realm of today’s extensive loan sales by many institutional lenders, Capital Realty’s correspondent life company lenders are universally “portfolio lenders” who do not sell their loans.  As a result, our loan servicing capabilities are of major importance to both our lenders and borrowers alike. 
We take great pride in our ability to provide personalized service to our borrowers by providing a point of contact regarding issues pertaining to their individual loans.  Nothing can be more frustrating than when a borrower cannot easily communicate with their lender -- for example when a major lease or a property sale and loan assumption approval is needed promptly.
Our servicing functions also include: the collection and remittance of monthly loan payments to our lenders, the collection of any required tax and insurance escrows, the monitoring of tax payments, the review of insurance policies and UCC certificates, and the performance of annual property inspections.  Our servicing responsibilities are a major component in our day to day operations.